With fall here, it is an appropriate time to talk about the real danger that falls can present to many of our patients and loved ones. As we age, 15 Ways to Help Someone With Dementia Avoid Falling graphicwe begin to develop problems with depth perception and judgment, and our brain and body begin to have trouble coordinating signals. Our highly trained home caregivers are well versed in the danger falls can present, as well as catching warning signs and creating preventative measures. Here is a great article with just a few of those tricks for avoiding falls.

“You can’t completely prevent falls — accidents do happen. Adults over age 65, and older adults with dementia in particular, are at a higher risk of falling, for some well-known reasons. These include a higher use of prescription drugs, more night waking, shuffling and other coordination problems, and weakening musculature and balance.

Most falls in people with dementia are “multifactorial,” meaning that a combination of problems contributed to the fall. This makes it especially hard to eliminate falls altogether. But it’s almost always possible to identify risk factors that can be changed or risks that can be compensated for.

What you can do…” Continue Reading >>

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