3 Qualities to Achieve Excellence in Home Health Care

More and more adults are choosing to stay in their homes, so they can age in place without the disruption of relocation. Health and safety challenges make this course of action impossible without help, and many people prefer to work with seasoned, trustworthy professionals to make sure their care is appropriate. When selecting home health care, an important balance of factors needs to be considered to make sure the experience is truly supportive. At CarePlus, we believe that quality home health care is made up of multiple factors, and we believe these three are essential.


In the area of home health care, two types of experience are critical: health and hospitality. Geriatric health is a particular concentration in the medical field, and you want to make sure your caretakers know this area well. It also takes an extra level of compassion, care, and quality to go into a home and seamlessly become a part of daily living for an aging adult. Understanding how to make a home hospitable for an aging homeowner is a key to a successful relationship in home health care. Based on his years of experience in the hospitality industry, CarePlus Founder, Tom Najjar, recognizes the importance of a high level of quality care combined with customer service.


As people age, their health may gradually decline, or in some instances, experience rapid changes in their health. Adapting to these changes with the help of home health care allows adults to maintain a sense of independence within their limits. With the ability to continue to make lifestyle choices and flexibility with support, as needs increase, adults can feel empowered to live their best lives. CarePlus recognizes these situations and is respectful and fully prepared to provide needed support.


Whether it’s medication, groceries, a doctor visit or another service, a key to quality home health care is the comfort of the client as well as family and friends, who are concerned about the client’s well-being. Comfort comes in many forms. It can be a knowledgeable, experienced caretaker’s ability to help with medication and the activities of daily living. In addition, it may be the compassionate attitude of a caretaker who truly cares. Being a resource to the family, may also add peace of mind.

At CarePlus Home Health we stand by our mission to deliver better care for a better life. We understand the trust being placed in our hands when our clients allow us to help them with their needs as they age. We look forward to the opportunity to bring Expertise, Dignity and Comfort to your home or the home of a loved one. For more information about our services, please contact us today.