This has been a record breaking week of high temperatures in our service areas of Maryland Our in home caregivers deal with these 5 Hot-Weather Bummers for Alzheimer’s Caregivers graphicchallenges on a daily basis.  We hope these tips help ease your work load and keep you and your loved ones cool and safe.

Summer Alzheimer’s Worry #1: Body odor.

Unpleasant to think about…but even more so to notice. People with Alzheimer’s not only neglect self care but if aggressive, they can resist the efforts of others to help them stay clean. If bathing has become an issue, hot weather tends to make it all the more contentious.

Solutions: When someone you’re caring for fails the sniff test, above all resist making it a huge battle. Better to back off (and endure) a day or two, and then come at it again. For better cooperation, try suggesting sponge baths as a way to cool down (rather than as a necessity to keeping clean).” Continue reading>>