Summer fun in July continues… and as we reflect on how we kicked off the month celebrating America and independence. This also gives us a moment to remember our history and how important the 4th of July is to our nation and ourselves.

Independence. The 4th of July celebrates the independence that those who live here enjoy –and protect. Living independently is a cherished part of that celebration. And, as we age, living independently can become a bit of a challenge. The desire to age in place safely has inspired not only many conversations in the community among family and friends, but a great deal of innovation as well. Anyone can age in place—but it takes a bit of forward thinking to age in place successfully

How do you help increase the likelihood that staying in your home will provide a successful and safe experience? The National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the National Institute of Health, identifies a key component:planning ahead

According to the NIA thinking about future needs is a must. Will you be living alone? With a significant other? Close family or friends? Will you have health challenges? What kind of transportation will you need? The questions are endless.

Consider both the big and little details—and then make a plan. According to the NIA here are a few things to consider:

  1. Daily Care: showering, dressing, general grooming.
  2. Home Maintenance: cleaning, laundry, yard maintenance, shoveling snow.
  3. Meals: shopping, preparing, food safety.
  4. Finances: bill paying, insurance, investments, banking, credit/debit cards.
  5. General Healthcare: doctor’s appointments, medication compliance, medical emergencies.
  6. Getting around: driving, public transportation, ride sharing.

We recommend that Home Health Care be a consideration as well.

Aging independently –and in your own home or in the community– is a wonderful way to continue your independence. Successful independence comes with thoughtful planning—planning  that keeps you connected with the community that you love, and safe in your home. There is no doubt that your needs will change as you age. Planning ahead for changing needs is the best gift you can give yourself, and your family. 

Home Health Care may promote independent living for family member or loved one. We can help! Get started and request a “Care Package,” a quick assessment with tips and resources for your family.