Our home caretakers get to spend a lot of time with families and get to experience many of the heartaches and successes they go through in Alzheimer’s and Father’s Day graphiccaring for elderly parents and family. This article struck a chord with Father’s Day fast approaching. Comment below if you have stories or advice to share, and Happy Fathers Day from CarePlus Home Health!

In Search of the Right Father’s Day Card for a Dad With Alzheimer’s

By Paula Spencer Scott, Caring.com senior editor

“What’s the right Father’s Day card for a dad with Alzheimer’s? That’s what I found myself pondering this weekend. I suppose the first question is whether to send one in the first place. Dad’s unlikely to realize Father’s Day is coming. And he forgets any card or gift soon after it’s opened. So why bother? Because it’s Father’s Day and he’s my father. Because he loves to open mail addressed to him, and then to read it over and over.” Continue Reading >>