Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

June is National Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. This month CarePlus Home Health took part in programming that helped us raise awareness and support for Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive disease that damages memory and other important mental functions. Memory loss and difficulty thinking are common symptoms and contribute to mental decline. Some other symptoms are:

  • Problems with language, visualizing and spatial relationships 

  • Difficulty performing familiar tasks 

  • Disorientation with time and place

  • Poor judgment 

  • Attention issues

  • Changes in mood, behavior or personality  

  • Loss of desire or initiative

Better Care, Better Health – Alzheimer’s Association National Capital Area Chapter



Our CarePlus Executive Director, Andrew Ryan, sat down with Sheila Griffith, Program Manager for the National Capital Area Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. They discussed all of the exciting programs coming up for the Alzheimer’s Association including the Longest Day and the Alzheimer’s Walk!


The Alzheimer’s Association National Capital Area Chapter offers many different resources to support you and your loved one in all stages of the disease. From support groups to educational programs, there is something to guide everyone through this difficult time. 

CarePlus is here for you!

Our services are adjusted to meet your needs. Whether you need us for a few hours a day, or 24/7, we can support you and your loved one. Our caregivers can help with memory care, lifestyle strategies, nutrition and daily living, physical stability, mobility and exercise, and fall prevention. 


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