Earlier this year, CarePlus won the Best of Home Care Provider of Choice award. We were one of only 18 sites in Maryland to make the list. The award was made by a professional evaluation firm that we engaged to collect monthly feedback from our clients and give us suggestions for improvement.

One important reason that people hire home care agencies rather than hiring individual providers on their own is that agencies screen, interview, and test caregivers, check their references, and run a background check. The family of an older person does not have to do this work to feel that their loved one is in safe hands, and in most cases the agencies have already had positive experiences with the caregiver. (See the CarePlus qualifications and guidelines for prospective employees.)

In the same way, people deserve to know that the home care agencies they are considering have been vetted, tested, and reviewed. To meet this need, agencies like CarePlus engage outside evaluators to tell them how they can improve and to tell the public how they compare with other agencies. These evaluators speak with older people in the agency’s care or their families, report to the agency with feedback and suggestions for improvement, and share their ratings with the public, especially those looking for home care solutions of their own.

To ensure that we’re giving the best service possible, CarePlus has engaged Home Care Pulse, the home care field’s leading firm in satisfaction research, to poll our clients and let us—and prospective clients—know how we’re doing. Every month, Home Care Pulse speaks with a percentage of clients we serve and asks them about the quality of service provided by our caregivers, communications with our office staff, the impact of our services on their daily lives, and other issues. Every month, they provide us with a report and post the results on their website, Best of Home Care.com. This year, they designated CarePlus a Provider of Choice.

To win this rating, CarePlus had to qualify as a Home Care Pulse Certified Trusted Provider™ for at least six months and receive higher ratings than others in the field during that time. We agree on the percentage of our clients or their families to be contacted by Home Care Pulse, but we cannot specify which clients will be interviewed. Conversely, clients and their families cannot provide a spontaneous review, whether positive or critical; respondents are selected randomly by Home Care Pulse.

Those we serve say that our caregivers are thoughtful, compassionate, flexible, and good at following instructions. They appreciate our office staff for their consistent communication, their efficiency, their help with solving new problems, and their connections to outside resources.

CarePlus is also ranked on Family Assets as 2 out of 9 total home care home care agencies in the city of Gaithersburg, 18 out of 158 home care providers within a 20-mile radius, and 16 out of 177 home care providers within the state of Maryland.

Starting August 14 through September 13, the Readers’ Poll for Best of Bethesda will be open. There are quite a few categories that support our aging community in Bethesda and the surrounding areas. You will have the opportunity to vote CarePlus as the best In-Home Care Provider. We hope to raise awareness and share our expertise to support families in our community.

Vote CarePlus best In-Home Care in the Best of Bethesda Readers’ Poll for 2020. Click here to vote.

Home care is our passion and for nearly almost 25 years, we have taken pride in providing our clients in Montgomery County and the surrounding area with excellent home care solutions by highly trained, trustworthy and compassionate caregivers. See assisted daily living at home and our other services.