Flex Care Meets the Needs of the Individual

No two people age alike. Growing older can be a dramatically different experience from one person to another due to physical, mental, and emotional developments, as well as choices made such as where and how to live. Some aspects of aging can be managed with attention to diet, exercise, and social interaction. By acknowledging the unique needs of each individual, it is possible to maintain comfort and stability, and even increase longevity.

Some aging adults elect to relocate to a home that can accommodate their evolving needs as they age. Independent living communities are an option allowing older adults to access a range of amenities and services while keeping significant freedom to manage their own lives. This can sometimes mean that there is a gap between the needs of the individual and the offerings of the community. At CarePlus Home Health, we offer Flex Care to individuals living in independent living communities in the Montgomery County and surrounding areas to bridge that gap and make sure that their specific needs are met.

What is an Independent Living Community?

For older adults, owning a home can be difficult. In addition to maintenance responsibilities, many things that are necessary or make life enjoyable can become more difficult when living alone. Isolation can increase as communities evolve, neighbors move, and getting out become more of a challenge. Enter independent living communities. These residential facilities are reserved exclusively for people over a specific age, and they offer on-site amenities like hair salons, exercise facilities, onsite medical offices, dining, and social and cultural events specifically curated for the residents. All residents have private dwellings – whether it is an apartment, townhome or house, and they pay a monthly fee that takes care of the grounds and pays for the amenities. Having access to these the community while still living in a private home is the principal attraction.

What is missing from Independent Living?

With the independence of a private home within the community, sometimes residents still need additional support. Short of moving to a smaller, less private, more institutional facility like assisted living, many aging adults in independent living want to continue enjoying their lives but need help. Conditions like failing eyesight, mild dementia, or arthritis can make some basic aspects of daily living a major challenge that can easily be tended to with a little help. The independent living community array of services generally stops at the door of each home, so residents need to make arrangements to meet these additional challenges.

Flex Care for Customized Individual Support

CarePlus can meet the needs of residents of independent living communities with a range of services like: shopping, housekeeping, escort to medical appointments, meal prep, bathing/dressing, other errands. After a free home assessment, the team at CarePlus can offer as little as 30 minutes of assistance daily, weekly or as needed to make sure that life is safe and comfortable. Having the flexibility of picking the services, the timing, and the frequency allows the greatest continued independence without missing out on essential needs.

Sometimes the needs of the individual go beyond the home. Helping with the logistics of hospitalizations, rehabilitation, and transitions to and from a medical facility to home is one of our key competencies. We also can work with clients and their families to coordinate out-of-town visits as well as help keep lines of communication open.

Flex Care for the Community

Our team of trained, licensed and certified professionals can also provide services to the entire independent living community. With pop-up wellness clinics, lunch & learn programs, and other onsite services, CarePlus Home Health can work with the independent living staff to provide welcome additional programming.

We believe that every individual deserves to age in dignity and comfort. We understand that this requires the ability to adjust our services to the specific needs of our clients. If you are an older adult in an independent living community in Montgomery County, staff of the community or a family of a resident, contact us to find out how we can help.