What to expect as we head into 2021.

We are following recent trends within the aging community and what that might indicate for 2021. Here are a few insights from 2020 leading the way: we are seeing families and caregivers working together to build strong communication networks that serve the needs of individuals and the families they serve; rapid integration of technology to help older adults stay connected; colleagues and referral partners forming collaborative endeavors to serve the aging community; and, professionals and healthcare providers sharing best practices to improve care and protect clients and their caregivers. All of these efforts have produced a safer and more responsive environment for aging adults. CarePlus Home Health is paying particular attention to these shifts and is proud to offer in-home care in Montgomery County, MD to meet and fill those needs. 

Another important trend of note is that older adults will continue to choose to age in place.  According to an AARP survey conducted in 2018, approximately 87 percent of adults over the age of 65 want to age in place. While the pandemic has forced more service areas to provide digital and virtual options for care, there will always be the need for someone to provide in-home care for day-to-day needs. The growing number of seniors staying in their homes will increase and in turn, this need.

CarePlus has been providing care for over 25 years. During these unpredictable times, we have included additional PPE training, testing procedures and best practices to protect our clients and caregivers.  We have made an investment and commitment to provide PPE to clients and caregivers to keep our community safe.  Our CarePlus team is working around-the-clock to provide care and safety measures for our community. Additionally, we have focused infection training for in-home caregivers with specific protocols to protect clients, families and caregivers. These practices will become routine and most likely, the standard of care even after a vaccine and the pandemic subside. 

Caregivers have been key to supporting those in need and this trend will continue. As stated by Bill Dombi, President, National Association of Home Care & Hospice,  “Homecare has distinguished itself in many ways during the pandemic. Caregivers of all disciplines have really stepped up to the frontlines of caring for COVID-19 infected patients while continuing the serve the millions of others who benefit from home care annually. In addition, through significant media coverage, an increased awareness of the value of homecare has emerged in terms of safety, clinical efficacy, convenience and the breadth of services. That awareness has grown in both consumers and the home health care community.” In-home care will continue to address the needs of aging adults,  adapt as those needs change, and continue to grow as more adults age in place throughout our communities. 

We see tremendous growth and advancements in technology and aging.

Throughout this pandemic, technology has proven to be a life saver.  Many businesses have pivoted to digital ordering and delivery services aimed at convenience and care for seniors. This trend will continue to grow after the pandemic is gone. Technology trends for seniors include telehealth, and better smartphones with health monitoring, artificial intelligence and security/safety features. CarePlus has, and will continue to, support seniors as they set up their telehealth systems, smartphone apps for monitoring home support programs as well as technology for safety and security. Older adults will find software programs for arthritis, blood pressure, falls risk and other medical conditions helpful, and even lifesaving.  

Voice-activated phones and television software are helpful and vital for families to stay connected and informed as to the safety and location of older adults, ordering supplies or locating a family member.  Convenience with delivery services including meals, medications and consumer items will utilize technology to communicate these needed items.  In many cases, virtual games and entertainment– including Zoom birthday parties and milestone events— will continue to take place. The most important aspect of technology is the ability to stay connected from anywhere. Throughout this pandemic, it has provided connections to family members, near and far, and, of course, brings new meaning to “call your mother”.

Over the years, colleagues and referral partners have collaborated to serve the aging adults in our community. Immediately following the rise in COVID cases, many professionals throughout our community connected through monthly meetings, organization networking, senior communities, and Zoom calls. There was no hesitation to work together, pick up the phone to discuss the problems and come up with solutions that support each other and the community. This trend will also continue to grow as we work together to accomplish shared goals. This has inspired our upcoming Podcast that will launch in 2021 with colleagues to share invaluable information. 

As trends arise, we are reminded of the importance to adapt, support and come up with solutions — better care, better health– despite these unprecedented times. As we close the year, we wish all our clients, colleagues, friends and families a safe and healthy holiday season.

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