Loss of side (peripheral) vision may be a sign of glaucoma, which occurs when the optic nerve is damaged and no longer transmits all visual Glaucoma Awareness Month graphicimages to the brain. To catch this condition early, it is important to have yearly eye exams that include a glaucoma test.  If straight lines appear distorted or wavy or there appears to be a blind spot or empty area in the center of your vision, you may have the signs of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The disease affects the macula, the part of your retina that is responsible for central vision where the eye’s acuity is sharpest. The disease causes a blind spot that is right in the middle of your field of vision. If not treated early, consistently and aggressively, it can lead to blindness.

Vision impairment can also lead to falls. “A recent study conducted in a senior community with glaucoma residing in Queensland Australia confirms that the loss of one’s lower field of vision is significantly correlated with risk of future falls.” [1] This is why it is important to regularly get eye exams and make sure you have proper medical and home care assistance to prevent future falls.

How Home Care Can Help

A professional CarePlus caregiver can provide assistance with (ADL’s) Activities of Daily Living and ensure an extra set of eyes are in place to assist a loved one.   With Homecare services in place, individuals with Glaucoma or other vision related diseases reduce their risk of falls or other injuries that result from vision impairment.

Customized Care Plans

Dealing with the everyday difficulties of glaucoma can be easier with assistance from a compassionate professional. CarePlus can create a customized plan for your loved one to address a variety of needs:

  • Transportation to eye exams
  • Preparing nutritious meals and assisting with feeding if needed
  • Transferring from bed to wheelchair to chair, as needed
  • Help with restroom use, bathing, dressing and grooming
  • Medication and personal safety reminders
  • Light housekeeping, running errands, and scheduling events
  • Offering friendly conversation and emotional support
  • Encouraging and planning social activities and exercise

Information & Resources

To request a free in-home assessment, contact CarePlus Home Health at 301-740-8870.

Living with glaucoma is stressful to begin with, and taking small steps to reduce stress for everyone involved.  For more information about the National Glaucoma Society please access their website or call 978-470-3500.


[1] New glaucoma Treatments, “Vision Loss in Glaucoma Blamed for Falls in Seniors.” http://new-glaucoma-treatments.com/vision-loss-in-glaucoma-blamed-for-falls-in-seniors/