Your loved one has been living with Parkinson’s or Parkinson’s + Dementia, CarePlus can help.

Our client Roxanne J. shares about the assistance Tom provided in managing her life before Parkinson’s. In addition, she shares her gratitude for the caregivers at CarePlus Home Health in helping manage her activities of daily living after her onset of Parkinson’s.


Roxxane J: “Tom, I think the most value that you have brought to me was that I worked with your personal trainer. I was able to lose 30 pounds and 30 points off my diastolic numbers in just about a year and a few months. That was the best thing that happened for me. But you’ve been very friendly and made me feel welcome in your office. And I have appreciated all that you’ve done in making sure that I was safe. Now, I’ve had an illness which requires quite a bit of help. I’ve had people like, Ummi, and others come into my apartment and help me do laundry, changing of sheets. And also, now you are bringing me my medications two times a day. And that has made me very healthy again. I am very happy with what has happened with my progress in such a short time and it is all because of CarePlus’ attention.”

At CarePlus Home Health Inc., home care is our passion.  At CarePlus we recognize all our clients and value the importance of the service we provide. It is imperative to make the right fit for your family.  For the past 20 years, we have provided our clients in Montgomery County, MD and the surrounding areas with excellence, compassion and understanding. Our mission, to provide professional, compassionate care to individuals, while maintaining their independence and quality of life, in their home or community settings.

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