There is no doubt about it, when you think of the coldest month of the year, February comes to mind.  But along with the bitter cold comes a blast of warmth and support.

February is, after all, a month filed with care and focus on many health and wellness topics including American Heart Health Month, World Cancer Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day and National Caregivers Day.  Not to mention, for chocolate lovers and sweethearts infused in the middle, the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

How extraordinary that all of these holidays are celebrated in the same month! There is a good reason– these holidays share a common thread—they all focus on individuals, groups and people caring for others– whether through awareness, education, outreach and/or research.

The American Heart association and World Cancer Day remind us of the need to raise awareness for those struggling with cardiac conditions and/or battling cancer. Just around the corner is Random Acts of Kindness Day which will certainly remind us to look for opportunities to reach out and help others, just because.  Then on the 3rd Friday of the month, National Caregivers’ Day, we recognize and understand the importance of professional caregivers and honor their dedication.  

And, if you need assistance, we are here to help you by providing fall prevention assistance, personal home care, skilled nursing, as well as caregivers for dementia home care and other elder home care needs.

National Caregivers Day reminds us of the importance of serving the community.

Services Include:


dementia home care

elder home care

fall prevention

skilled nursing

Let’s kick off February, Go Eagles, with some love and care, sorry Patriot fans!