At CarePlus, we are experts in home care solutions for older adults. When “home” is an independent living community, we offer individualized services to residents as well as community-wide programs that round out the experience of living in a safe, supported environment. By establishing a presence within a community, we are better able to meet needs by a customized approach to our clients and their families. 

Independent Living 

For seniors who want to maintain an active, independent lifestyle as long as possible, independent living communities are an excellent option. Catering exclusively to older adults, everything from the design of individual residences to a range of additional amenities like leisure activities, meal programs and healthcare facilities assure a healthy lifestyle in a supportive environment. According to, there are 45 independent living communities in Montgomery County. 

Where CarePlus Fits In

As people age, their ability to manage some activities and tasks becomes more of a challenge. CarePlus supports independent living communities with a variety of offerings:

Flex Care Services: We provide flexible care hours to residents at senior living communities. We can help with sheets/laundry, food prep, grocery shopping and housekeeping so residents can live independently and securely. We can be there for the small tasks. Residents can schedule as little as 30 minutes of assistance that can happen daily, weekly or occasionally. Whatever the need — we will be there.

Wellness Center Program: CarePlus can set up a permanent wellness center on the premises or an “on the go” wellness pop up center according to need. We can do Blood Pressure checks, Zoom Lunch & Learns, Zoom health activities and much more. We also are able to support residents in crisis management, transitioning from hospital to home and supporting independent living.

CarePlus tabling at a senior living community event

Care Coordination Program

We offer an onsite CarePlus coordinator to help support logistical needs of residents living in communities. In addition, we provide services for out of town families including transitions from hospital to home, rehabilitation and other logistical needs. 

Personal Assistant Services/CarePlus Concierge: CarePlus offers specialty services to clients who need additional oversight and services. Groceries, supplies and other shopping needs can be done by our team independently or assisting a resident. We can schedule and attend doctor’s appointments, coordinate with multiple providers, and assist with insurance matters. 

a CarePlus vehicle outside a senior living facility

Create Your Own Independent Living Community

Through our Care Share program, we can help people to age in place in their neighborhood. By working with neighbors, older people can obtain some of the services we offer to independent living communities without having to move. These can include pop-up clinics, lunch and learn programs, and other activities that benefit a group. 

CarePlus is committed to being a partner in aging in safety and dignity. We strive to bring the most customized and useful range of services to our clients and communities. To learn more about our Flex Care options email